Access to Capital Markets for African Cities and Subnational Governments: Capacity-Building Program to Foster Economic and Financial Development of African Cities

The Forum of Mayors on Culture: A major step for the development of Africa through the cultural policies of its cities and territories

Triumph of an Unforgettable African Baroque Fresco: Lucy of Africa(s) Ignites the Audience in Rabat, Capital of African Culture

UCLG Africa’s ALGA Academy organizes of a Pilot Program on: “Using Data to diagnose Cities’ Resilience and inform Land-based policy and financing”

Hybrid Training and Capacity Building Cycle on Decentralized Cooperation and International Action of Local and Regional Governments Preparation of a Module on: “Peer Learning through Practical Cases”

Lucy of Africa (s) : Fashion Show and Performance by ALPHADI and Tongo MBIA: an African baroque fresco delving into the history of humanity from Africa’s perspective

The Forum of Mayors on Culture : “Making culture a pillar of sustainable development of our cities and territories”

United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) hosted, in Marrakech, the Annual Meeting of the Working Group on Capacity and Institution Building (CIB) of the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)