Our Pillars

UCLG Africa has developed a series of programs and interventions including the mobilization of strategies, methods and tools to support our members under our three pillars: A. Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Development; B. Advocacy and Mobilization; C. Corporate Learning and Knowledge Management. These interventions are aimed at supporting the development of local governments to better serve their communities by improving living conditions and driving development from the grassroots.

Capacity and Knowledge Management of Local Authorities and National Associations

Capacity and Knowledge Management of Local Authorities and National Associations constitutes the bulk of UCLG Africa’s work. One of the key elements of our service delivery includes working closely with our members to ensure political representation and financial sustainability at the closest level to the people.

Advocacy and Mobilization for Decentralization

Advocacy and Mobilization for Decentralization is at the core of UCLG Africa’s work. As the leading advocate for decentralization we understand that wider participation on this agenda and other African and global agendas will not happen on its own.

Access to Funding and Technical Assistance of Local Authorities and Their Associations

Providing good governance in the sometimes, complex local government systems in Africa is no easy task. The truth is that local authorities across the continent need professional administrative and political systems where they can carry out their mandates of service delivery.

Our Programs

UCLG-Africa sets up a series of programs aimed at improving the living conditions of certain categories of the population.


African Local Government Academy (ALGA)

Climate Change Task Force

Continental Dialogues: Africa Union, EU-Africa Relationships

Global Dialogues: New Urban Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals

Knowledge Hub

Local Economic Development Network of Africa (LEDNA)

Know Your City

Methods and Tools: Observatory on Finance and Human Resources

National Dialogues: African Charter on Decentralization

Pan African Peer Review Facility

Professional Networks: Africa MAGNET, Africa FINET, Africa TECHNET

Network of Locally Elected Women of Africa (REFELA)

Regional Dialogues: Regional Economic Communities

Supporting National Associations

Territorial Coaching

Transparency and Integrity

African Capitals of Culture