Corporate Learning and Knowledge Management

Providing good governance in the sometimes, complex local government systems in Africa is no easy task. The truth is that local authorities across the continent need professional administrative and political systems where they can carry out their mandates of service delivery. To this end, under the pillar of Corporate Learning and Knowledge Management, we aim to offer learning solutions to train and develop the skills of officers, build their capacity, especially in local economic development, and provide them with access to best practice and knowledge resources so that they have fully equipped, expert administrators and politicians to effectively and efficiently deliver their mandate. Our interventions provide essential support for members to achieve their goals for a successful local government, which can be summarized as:

  • The provision of democratic and accountable local government systems for local communities.
  • Ensuring the provision of sustainable basic services to local communities
  • Promoting social and local economic development
  • Promoting safe and healthy environments for communities to thrive
  • Encouraging the engagement of local communities and civil society in local government issues

Corporate Learning and Knowledge Management provides members with the appropriate strategies, methods and tools that support the structural, functional and cultural development of local government systems. UCLG Africa’s programs under this pillar have been designed to support members achieve their goals and includes three major interventions: