About African Local Government Academy (ALGA)

  At the origin: a “Moroccan Initiative for an African Vision” 

The African Local Governments Academy (ALGA) was created based on the Resolution adopted by the Honorable Ministers of Decentralization, the Honorable Members of UCLG Africa, and their Partners, at the end of the Summit V of Africities, organized in the Kingdom of Morocco, in Marrakech in 2009.  

The promotion of the territorial dimension of development in Africa, through Decentralization, Local Governance and Territorial Development, cannot be fully effective without the support of committed, aware, competent, professional, ethical and efficient Human Capital. Human Resources Development is also at the heart of the Sustainable Development dynamic for the World and Africa that We Want.

This is why the Ministers, Local Government Presidents and their Partners present in Marrakech endorsed the Kingdom of Morocco’s proposal to set up a ” Support center for Local Governments Management and technical Capacity Building) “.

The goal is to capitalize on, share and disseminate the best experiences and best practices in Africa. The translation of this recommendation has taken the form of a project to create an African Local Governments Academy with its acronym “ALGA) in UCLG Africa. (Source: Report of Africities Summit V, Local Africa moves Africa. Marrakech 16-20 December 2019, pp. 32-33).

After several feasibility studies and marketing events, including a mapping of the Training Institutes targeting the Local Government, organized with the support of the Ministry of the Interior of Morocco, ALGA of UCLG Africa became operational since 2016.

Promote and anchor a professional, high-performance local Africa by investing in the human capital of African Local Governments. 

  1. Support UCLG Africa Members in the field of Human Resources Management, Training, Capacity Development and Capacity Building;
  2. Promote standards of excellence and quality in training and capacity building, by setting up an Accreditation and Quality Assurance Center;
  3. Develop and deploy a range of empowerment, training, development and capacity-building services;
  4. Modernize and upgrade Human Resources management at sub-national level in Africa.
  1. Being the Center of Excellence in Empowerment, Capacity Building and Training of the Human Capital of African Local and Regional Governments, Local elected officials, and Local Managers/employees.
  2. Accrediting and Certifying Training Institutes and Programs targeting the Local and Regional Governments.
  3. Designing and disseminating an Empowerment, capacity Building, and Training Offer, based on a diverse Methodology, including through Peer Learning, Training of Trainers, and e-Learning.
  4. Contributing to the modernization and upgrading of the Human Resources Management at Local and Regional levels in Africa.
  5. Structuring, capacitating, and professionalizing the Networks of the Territorial Managers of Local and Regional Institutions.
  6. Promoting South-South Cooperation in all these fields.
  7. Building an African Network of Training Institutes, Experts and Communities of Practices on Decentralization, Local Governance and Local development.
  8. Supporting and informing UCLG Africa Members.
  9. Mobilizing resources, through fundraising, sponsorships, and partnerships.
  10. Capitalizing on best practices and case studies.

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