Presentation of the Observatory of Local Governments’ Human Resources in Africa

The Observatory of Local Governments’ Human Resources in Africa is one of the four pillars on which the African Local Government Academy (ALGA) is based. Its main mission is to make available to all actors and stakeholders involved in the process of Decentralization, Local Governance and Local Development in Africa, on a continuous basis, information, analyzes, approaches and innovative and effective techniques for modernizing Human Resources Management and Local Governance. In this respect, the Observatory aims to be a monitoring, support and decision support platform for the management, enhancement, modernization and upgrading of Human Resources at the level of the Territorial Communities in Africa. It is also intended as a reservoir for the census and the promotion of HRM best practices at the local level.

In this sense, the Observatory carries out several activities, among which:

  • Monitoring activities in order to continuously monitor the evolution of HRM practice in the Territorial Communities;
  • The identification, promotion and dissemination of good practices in this area;
  • Research activities based on evaluative and prospective studies with a view to proposing tools and approaches for the modernization of HRM systems at the level of the Territorial Communities;
  • The organization of seminars on topics related to HRM at the local level;
  • The Secretariat and the animation of the Network of Human Resources Managers of Local Governments in Africa;
  • The coordination of the Quarterly Newsletter of the African Territorial Manager.