Capacity and knowledge management of local authorities and national Associations

Institutional Capacity Development constitutes the bulk of UCLG Africa’s work. One of the key elements of our service delivery includes working closely with our members to ensure political representation and financial sustainability at the closest level to the people.

UCLG Africa has created an integrated program of support that focuses on the development of its members to become productive local governments that drive economic development from the grassroots in a transparent, accountable, inclusive and sustainable way.

The evolution of UCLG Africa’s organizational objectives has its roots in:

  • Governance
  • Advocacy
  • Decentralization

Building programs that meet the needs of our members depends on our rigorous consultation process and research, which takes place across the continent on several levels, including with central and local government as well as different community stakeholders. This helps us to understand levels of decentralization as well as advocate and promote the benefits of subsidiarity and local government’s contribution to economic development.

By 2007, the Governance, Advocacy and Decentralized Development Program for Africa was born with a primary target audience now known as Active Members:

  • National Associations
  • Subnational Governments
  • Country Capitals and Major Cities with 500,000 inhabitants or more