Training of 23 local actors, municipal elected official and administrative officer of the municipal technical and financial partners on «Local Governance»

Within the framework of the Strategic Partnership between UCLG Africa and the National Capacity Building Programme for Cities Management (PNFMV) on the one hand, and the implementation of the College of Local Governance of the African Local Governments Academy (ALGA), the city of Yaounde hosted, from 16 to 20 September 2019, the first Training Session on the theme of: “Local Governance”.

This Training Session aims to raise awareness and strengthen the capacities of local actors on the issues and challenges of Local Governance, in a context of challenges and opportunities for African Local Governments.

The opening ceremony of this Session was marked by three speeches, namely, the welcome of the Vice-President of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon (CVUC), the intervention of the representative of UCLG Africa – ALGA and the opening speech of the personal representative of the Minister of Housing and Urban Development (MINHDU).

In his welcome address, Mr. Albert Anicet AKOA, Vice-President of CVUC, praised the partnership between UCLG Africa – ALGA and the PNFMV in these terms: “I would like to magnify the excellence of the partnership between UCLG-Africa through its Academy and the PNFMV, for the development of the capacities and the skills of the Human Resources of African Local Governments, one of the weak links of the processes of decentralization in Africa. One of the result of which is the holding of this training session on the Local Governance, following the 1st International Training Session on Decentralized Cooperation organized in July 2019 “.

The Vice-President did not fail to make the link between the theme and SDG 11 to show the importance of this training in the eyes of local elected officials of Cameroon.

In his speech, Mr. Joachim HUNLEDE, representing the Director of ALGA of UCLG Africa, reminded the noble mission entrusted to ALGA by the local elected officials of the Continent, namely “to support and accompany the Members and the UCLG-Africa networks in their quest for visibility, autonomy, good governance, professionalism and performance “, which cannot succeed or be fruitful without the involvement and commitment of all stakeholders concerned by this dynamic, namely the State Representatives, Local Governments and their Associations, Training Institutes and Anchoring Institutes of ALGA, the Community of Experts and Trainers as well as the Financial and Technical Partners.

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