UCLG Africa leads the advocacy for the Territorialization of NDCs





The launch of phase III of the Covenant of Mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) dedicates to UCLG Africa the responsibility for policy advocacy and strategic coordination through three pillars, namely: the mobilization and capacity building of National Associations and the mobilization of climate finance from Donors.

This third phase has four main objectives:

-Ensuring access to funding for CoM SSA signatory cities;

-Strengthen synergies between the CoM SSA and other initiatives;

– Increased support from national authorities to local climate action through a Structured Dialogue between Associations of Local and Regional Authorities and National Governments;

– Strengthen the capacity and role of local government associations to promote local climate action in cities.

Creation by GCoM of the RLDC Committee

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCom) has created an Ad-Hoc Committee whose mission is to establish a methodological guide for the development of the concept of Locally Determined Contributions (LDCs).

The Climate Task Force is part of this Committee and has put forward its LDC Initiative based on a Cooperation model that takes into account in a combined way two approaches, a bottom-up approach led by local governments and a top-down approach led by national governments. In this framework, a practical guide on the territorialization of LDCs in Africa was developed and presented at the 1st meeting of this Committee.

Read the RLDC4Africa  fact sheet submitted by UCLG Africa.

It should be noted that UCLG Africa is now part of the Paris Committee Network on Capacity Building “PCCB-Network”. This Network, which brings together entities or initiatives involved in climate-related capacity building, will further strengthen the operational capacities of Local Government Associations in the context of the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Another action carried out by UCLG Africa’s Climate Task Force is:

The mobilization of African local and regional authorities to take part in the survey conducted jointly with the OECD on water governance at the level of African local and regional authorities. This survey is part of the preparation of the 9th forum organized by the OECD in March 2021 in Dakar (Senegal) on “the governance and economics of water security for sustainable development in Africa”. About fifty African cities participated in the survey (see the list of cities).  During the Forum, a round table dedicated to African local authorities will be held, jointly led by OECD and UCLG Africa.