REsolutions Africa Conference-Marrakesh 2014: Declaration of Marrakesh Signed

Resolutions Africa Conference, organized under the high patronage of his Majesty the King of Morocco by Marrakesh City Council, the FMDV-Global Fund for Cities’ Development and UCLG Africa from 11 to 12 December 2014 in Marrakesh, was enclosed on Friday, December 12th by the signature of the Declaration of Marrakesh.

Participants from more than 40 countries and 60 cities across the African continent, lived two days of discussions and proposals around the issues of Africa’s financial systems and engineering, sharing experiences, exchanging best practices, and presenting innovative approaches to African financing for local development.

The 450 participants, who attended the activities of this important conference, were able to live strong moments ending in the signature of the Declaration of Marrakesh. This declaration was signed by Khalifa Ababacar Sall, Mayor of Dakar, Senegal, President of UCLG Africa and Vice-President of FMDV, Geoffrey Makhubo, Member of the Mayoral Committee of Johannesburg, and Vice-President of FMDV, and Fatima Ezzahra El Mansouri, Mayor of Marrakesh, who gave the final address. (See her speech here)

The Declaration of Marrakech was adopted as the new manifesto for development stakeholders in Africa. It also called for the creation and implementation of the African Cities Development Fund (ACDF).

Besides, and within the framework of the REsolutions to Fund Cities worldwide campaign, the conference of Marrakesh enriched the plea and the concrete proposals in favor of an inclusive and sustainable financing for the urban development. The declaration and the various mechanisms, dynamics and innovations raised during the debates will be discussed in several eminent events such as the Summit of Africities 2015 in Johannesburg, the Post 2015 New Development Agenda as well as the UN Habitat III in 2016.

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Mayor of Marrakesh final address here