The Compact of Mayors: Mayors Commitment on Climate

The Compact of Mayors is a global coalition of the world’s leading mayors and city leaders committed to ambitious and transparent climate action. At the UN Climate Summit last September, C40, ICLEI and UCLG launched the Compact of Mayors in partnership with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, his Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, Michael R. Bloomberg and UN-Habitat.

In this regard, C40, ICLEI and UCLG are calling all mayors and city leaders of the world to join the initiative and demonstrate their commitment on climate in order to support the collective impact of city action, which is not yet well known on the global stage. The Compact of Mayors aims to recognize both new and existing local climate commitments, and make sure that these are recognized globally.

By connecting to two recognized reporting platforms – carbonn Climate Registry and CDP – cities of all sizes can share their commitments publicly and report consistently on targets, activities and impact via either platform. This way, cities can visibly demonstrate their collective investment in a sustainable future. These commitments will also be communicated to the UNFCCC’s repository for non-state action actors, NAZCA – profiling the city’s leadership.

As the umbrella organization of local governments of Africa, UCLG Africa is inviting all its members to join the initiative and demonstrate their commitment on climate by taking the first step and submitting a letter to indicate their commitment through the carbonn or CDP platforms or sending directly to

For more information about the Compact of Mayors and how to become involved, you can visit the initiative website: