UCLG Africa’s participation in the self-assessment workshop relating to the implementation of theprogramof Support to Regional Economic Development (ADER-Sikasso)

The Regional Councilof Sikasso (Mali) hosted theself-assessment workshop relating to the implementation of theprogram of Supportto Regional Economic Development (ADER) of Sikassofrom February 15 to February 16, 2016. UCLG Africa tookpart in thework initiated by the Swiss Cooperationand was represented by François Paul Yatta, Program Director of the organization.


The workshop was attended by about sixtypeople including  local and regional elected officials, technical executives of the Regional Council, limited technical committees of the three economic developmentplatformsof theSikasso region, but also backstoppers in charge of regional economic development and promotion of agricultural sectors, from the private sector, decentralized services of the national government, of the Governorate, projects of the Swiss cooperation operating in the Region, and from the office of the Swiss cooperation in Mali. Some representatives are of the regional Councils of Mopti and Timbuktuwere equallypresent with a view to the developmentofsimilarprogramsof the Swiss Cooperation in their regions.

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