During the World Urban Forum 10 in Abu Dhabi, 8-13 February, the theme Connecting Culture and Innovation was the focus of UCLG Africa’s sessions that took stock of the emerging innovative approaches and practices that harness culture and innovation as drivers for sustainable development.  Culture provides the connections between urbanisation, innovation and pride as a basis for achieving inclusive, safe, and resilient cities and to this end, UCLG Africa’s side events were organised to explore how Africa’s Rich Cultural Heritage specifically lends itself to the sustainable development of Africa’s cities.

What Culture means to Africa’s Sustainable Development.

One of UCLG Africa’s newest projects, the “African Capitals of Culture,” consolidates culture as the fourth pillar of the sustainable development for African cities and territories. “Culture is at the beginning and end of all development,” said poet-president Leopold Sedar Senghor. From the cities of Rabat in North Africa to Maputo in Southern Africa, rapid urbanization is impacting on city development creating many challenges, but also emerging opportunities. The programme will bring together African cities, home to immeasurable cultural richness and diversity, to share best practice on how this cultural wealth and expression can contribute to the development of cities and its populations.

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