The Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure Resource Center (PPPIRC) Added a Sub-national and Municipal PPPs Page

The Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure Resource Center (PPPIRC) of the World Bank Group has added a new section to its website dedicated to Sub-national and Municipal Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).


The World Bank Group is aware of the scope of the projects that can be conducted at the local level. In fact, while central governments struggle with large infrastructure projects, municipal and local governments provide many basic infrastructure services such as public transportation, health and education services and water and electricity, just to name a few, and they need diverse sources of funding.

In this perspective, the PPPIRC is going to look, through the Sub-national and Municipal PPPs section, at the main sub-sectors where PPPs are being developed, as well as legal and regulatory frameworks at the subnational level.

Local and regional governments are invited to submit their feedback on the new section. They can send comments or suggestions to the World Bank Group by contacting to make the new PPPIRC a new hub of information on PPPs at the sub-national and municipal level.

For more information, visit the website here.