Read the Global V Report for African Region

The Global Observatory on Local Democracy and Decentralization Gold V launches Regional Chapters African efforts to achieve global agendas of development is a work in progress. Africa is predicted to achieve only 3 SDGs 5 13 15.

Read about Local Africa‘s contribution made with the support of UCLG Africa here.

This report is the result of a participatory process which brought together the expertise of researchers from different regions, the work and feedback of all UCLG Regional Sections, Committees and partners, as well as the direct contribution of cities, local and regional governments and their national associations and networks. The Report is the outcome of a collective effort by UCLG and its membership and it marks a new milestone of collaboration and commitment for our constituency as a whole.

The report showcases local and regional governments’ efforts to achieve the global sustainable agendas, and analyses the evolution of institutional frameworks for national governments, cities, local and regional governments in each world region.