UCLG Africa represented during the launch of « Ecole du Vivre Ensemble » (EVE) Initiative in Oujda, Morocco

The campus of Mohammed 1st University  Oujda-Morocco, hosted on March 11, 2016, the launch of the “Ecole du Vivre Ensemble” (EVE) (School of Living Together), pilot project benefiting from the support of several partners including: the Oriental Regional Council, the Wilaya of the Oriental Region, United Cities and Local Governments of Africa-UCLG Africa, the Agency for Oriental Development, the Regional Oriental Academy for Education and Training (AREF), the National Federation of Morocco’s Students’ Parents, UNICEF, the Regional Commission of Human Rights-Oriental, and the Echos Communication NGO (project initiator). This launch is the follow up to implementing, on February 10, 2016, of the steering committee of the project gathering all the partners.


The launch ceremony witnessed the participation of all the institutional partners’ representatives, the territorial coaches of the Oriental Region, and especially, the inspectors, those in charge of the “fight against violence” records. They have demonstrated their adhesion to this highly civic initiative.

First, the Territorial Coaching Program’s Director, Mr. Gautier Brygo, in his opening remarks, thanked the participants and recalled the link between territorial coaching and EVE, specifically the dimension of citizenship in the Oriental Region.

Following that, the AREF representative, in his speech underlined the importance of the project in its educational and social aspects both for the Academy and the different actors involved in this initiative (teachers, inspectors, children, and students’ parents). In fact, this ambitious initiative aims at enhancing schools environment in Morocco by making integration models bearer of civic values.

For his part, the President of the Regional Commission of the Human Rights National Council-Oujda, first of all, highlighted some recommendations addressed by the National Council in a report that was presented to the Moroccan parliament calling to mind the necessity of teaching Human Rights and citizenship principles within schools.

The UCLG Africa secretary general representative, Mr. Lionel Nzamba-Nzamba, made a presentation, through a testimony, of the experience and results obtained in 2014 by the deconstruction of stereotypes project in schools of Casablanca which can be exported to other African countries.

The second part of this EVE initiative launch day was mainly centered on the presentation of the training content and animation of the living together training and the deconstruction of stereotypes. This second phase that carried out on March 12, 2016, was conducted by Mr. Pierre Bielande from the NGO Echos Communication, with the future facilitators-trainers. These beneficiaries will assist schools in the Oriental Region in mastering the tools of the deconstruction of stereotypes and the building of living together.

The date was saved on April 2016 for the upcoming stage of the training on tools of the deconstruction of stereotypes and the building of living together.