Participation of a UCLG Africa Delegation at the 5th Annual Conference of African Public Service-Human Resources Managers Network (APS-HRMnet)

As part of its mission of supporting and strengthening the professional networks of African local governments, UCLG-Africa through its Academy (ALGA) mobilized and supported the participation of a delegation at the 5th Annual Conference of APS-HRMnet Network from 27 to 31 August 2018 in Kampala, Uganda, on the theme: “Human Capital: Sustainable Future for Africa, Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2063″.

This important meeting was organized by the APS-HRMnet, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Uganda through the Ministry of Public Service, the United Nations (UNDESA) and the National Chapter of the APS- HRMnet in Uganda (UPS-HRMnet), as well as with the support of several partners including UCLG-Africa and its Academy.

439 people from 28 countries mostly from Africa participated in the Conference, representing various institutions, including Ministries, Central Public Administrations, African Local Governments, Training Institutes, Professional Networks, private companies, representatives of Civil society and Media.

The UCLG-Africa delegation consisted of 14 people, namely:

– The Director of ALGA, Dr. Zarrouk Najat,

– The Special Adviser of UCLG Africa, Prof. Johnson Falade (Nigeria),

– The Director of the Regional Office for East Africa, Mr Juma Menhya Nyende (Uganda);

– The Officer in charge of the African Local Governments HR Observatory of ALGA, Mr. Kamate Ismael (Côte d’Ivoire),

– 10 members of the boards of the four Territorial Managers’ Networks of UCLG-Africa (Africa FINnet, Africa TECHnet, Africa MAGnet and Local Africa HRMnet) representing Burundi, Mauritius, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Senegal and Zambia.

The main objectives of the Conference were to enhance awareness and knowledge of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and African Union (AU) Agenda 2063 among Human Resource Managers in Africa. It was also about providing a space for sharing HRM best practices for improving performance, productivity and service delivery, as well as defining a road map for capacity building and leadership of public sector HRM to achieve the SDGs and the 2063 Agenda, and to raise awareness about the African Charter on the Values ​​and Principles of Public Service adopted in 2011.

For the Delegation of UCLG Africa, its participation was animated by the will to strengthen the collaboration between UCLG-Africa and the other African and international networks engaged in the development of Africa, to allow the young networks set up by UCLG Africa to learn and exchange knowledge and experiences with their peers.

This conference was very enriching for the UCLG-Africa Delegation in more than one way:

  1. UCLG-Africa had the opportunity to present a Message of Solidarity to the Conference Organizers at the official opening of the Conference, along with the other Partners (copy attached).
  2. The delegation took part in all the proceedings of the Conference, divided into Plenary Sessions, Parallel Sessions and Statutory Meetings. It was also marked by the organization of an exhibition dedicated not only to innovations in promoting Human Capital, but also to the income-generating products and activities of the Civil Society, including the wives of the military and veterans.
  3. The UCLG-Africa Networks had the opportunity to organize a parallel session chaired by Prof. Johnson Falade, which was marked by an address by His Excellency the Deputy Minister to the Chief of Government in charge of Administration Reform and Public Service of Morocco. The Networks had the opportunity to ask him to be their Sponsor. His Excellency assured them that they can count on the support of his Department and that they will be invited next year to Morocco.

Experience Sharing, UCLG-African Networks

  1. During the Plenary Session on the Decentralization of Public Service Delivery in Africa, Dr. Zarrouk made a presentation on “Decentralization of Public Services Delivery in Africa: Implications for Public Sector HRM, for ODD and for the Agenda 2063 ” . The Session was also marked by the presentation of Mr. Ben Kumumanya, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Governance of Uganda.
  2. The Director of ALGA took part in working sessions organized by UNDESA to review 5 Training Modules on the Implementation of the SDGs by Public Administration, prepared by Dr John Mary Kauzya. These Modules will be finalized in mid-September, tested during the Conference of the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) planned in Botswana, Gaborone from 6 to 9 November 2018, and during Africities Summit.

6. At the APS-HRMnet General Assembly, the Executive Board of the Network was renewed by co-optation or election of the following new officers:

Ms. Savia Nankya Mugwanya, Commissioner of Civil Service College of Uganda, President of APS-HRMnet;

Dr. Zarrouk Najat, Director of ALGA, Vice-President of APS-HRMnet. She was elected by 61 votes, against 10 for the competitor from Kenya;

Dr. Ngambo Fondjo Pierre Vincent, Member of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, Cameroon, Vice President, Central Africa Region;

Mr. Amos L. NNKO, University Professor, Tanzania,  Vice- President East Africa;

Dr. Laila El Baradei, Professor at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, Vice-President North Africa;

– For West and Southern Africa, the two current Vice-Presidents will continue to serve as acting Vice-Presidents, until the election of the new Vice-Presidents at a future occasion.

The new Executive Board of APS-HRMnet (2018-2020)

  1. The Director of ALGA was invited by the Organizers to take part in the Ministerial Panel on “Attracting and retaining talents in the Public Service for the attainment of 2030 & 2063 development goals.
  2. The Delegation had a working session with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Governance. Several issues were discussed: the signature and ratification of the African Charter on the principles and values of Decentralization, Local Governance and Local Development, membership of UCLG-Africa, preparation of AFRICITIES, support to ALGA, to the Territorial Managers’ Networks and the East Africa Regional Office; the preparation of a MoU project to be signed with the Civil Service College at the Africities Summit.
  3. A working session was also held with the Honorable Haji Majid Batambuze, Mayor of Jinja and President of the Association of Urban Authorities of Uganda. He was briefed on the Africities Summit. Given the similarities with the city of Khénifra of Morocco (source of Oued Oum Rabii), the Director of ALGA proposed to the Mayor to think about a twinning project with this city.
  4. During the excursion, the participants visited the Civil Service College where a presentation was made on this Institution created in 2010 and inaugurated in 2014 by the Head of State of the Republic of Uganda. As an ecological Establishment, each country represented had the opportunity to plant a tree in the College Garden. Thus, the UCLG-Africa Delegation planted no less than twelve (12) trees, each bearing the name of the country concerned. At the request of the Director of ALGA, a tree was planted in the name of UCLG Africa and its Academy, next to the trees of UNDESA and the Commonwealth.

The Tree of UCLG Africa and ALGA

  1.  The UCLG-Africa delegation had the opportunity to present a Vote of Thanks and Encouragement at the closing ceremony of the Conference, read by the “Dean” of Territorial Managers participating in the Conference, Mr. Itum Boneyk Kimina, Vice President Africa Technet, DRC (copy attached).
  2. During the closing ceremony, the Representative of the Deputy Minister to the Head of Government in charge of the Administration Reform and the Public Service of Morocco announced the candidature of the Kingdom of Morocco to host the 6th Conference of the APS-HRMnet in 2019; proposal unanimously approved by the participants.
  3. The Delegation discussed several cooperation, collaboration and partnership projects and did a lot of lobbying for the Africities Summit.
  4.  ALGA had a desk to present communication documents on UCLG-Africa, on Africities and on the projects of the Academy.
  5. The members of the Board of the Networks took advantage of this Conference opportunity to discuss the evolution of their networks, the mobilization for Africities and the preparation of their next General Assemblies./.