Pan African Peer Review 2: Call for Expression of Interest

The United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) in partnership with the Local Government Association of England and Wales (LGA) developed and implemented a Pan African Peer Review Pilot Project during 2012.  The Peer Review Project sought to introduce the concept of peer reviewing as a learning tool to support the capacity development of local governments in Africa. 


This year, UCLG Africa is reopening this programme and calling upon Pan African Local Governments to express their interest by applying to the Peer Review programme before the 10th of November 2015. Falling under the category of Municipal International Cooperation (MIC), the Peer Review process allows a local government peer from one local authority to assess another against an agreed standard of behaviour and/or performance.

Hence, the overall goal of the UCLG Africa Peer Review programme is to strengthen African local governments’ leadership, governance, and capacity to deliver services, through local government cooperation driven by organisational learning for improvement.

This post-pilot phase aims to systematise the practice of peer review in African local government guided by consistent methodology to contribute towards the strengthening of African local governments through the adoption of good governance practices.

The Peer Review programme is aimed at local governments (LG), national associations of LG, African communities as well as the Regional Offices of UCLG Africa. It is also meant to reinforce the African Network of UCLG.


Interested local authorities, national associations, individual local elected councillors, mayors and officials should express their Interest through completing the brief form attached to this Call. (See below)


Successful candidates may be invited to join us at the Johannesburg 2015 Africities Summit to be held in December 2015.


Expression of interest Form for Local Governments here

Expression of interest Form for individuals here

For more information, click here.

Watch the video of the Peer Review Pilot Phase in 2012 here.