Covid19: Statement by Mrs. Soham EL WARDINI, Mayor of the city of Dakar, Senegal, and Vice-President of the West Africa region of UCLG Africa




Dear colleagues and friends – Mayors of the West African region!

We are currently facing a global challenge, the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic, which has become a major concern. Now more than ever, we must join forces and strengthen our solidarity, particularly within our region. Africa must be united and fight against this virus and all the pessimistic projections regarding its evolution on our continent.

I would like to commend the efforts made so far by each and every one of you to equip and equip the health services with care and protection equipment, raise awareness among the inhabitants of your various municipalities and communities about the risks of spreading the epidemic while supporting them in covering their basic needs, and carry out disinfection operations in public spaces and places open to the public. For all these efforts, I would like to encourage you in these difficult times when the budgets of local and regional authorities are under great strain.

I am aware that many of our citizens are affected by the effects of this virus. I am also aware of the risk of an increase in domestic violence. Women as well as street children must be a strong concern in this period of crisis. The common enemy is the virus.

African customs and traditions, our way of life and the high proportion of the informal economy mean that every infection is a danger for the whole community. We must therefore be cautious and determined to apply the guidelines of national governments and the World Health Organization protocol to prevent the spread of the virus. In doing so, we will save lives.

For us to effectively coordinate our action, a multi-level leadership approach is needed – from local to global levels – where cities will play a key role in the fight to ensure a collective response. As Mayors we have the responsibility to “make society” on a daily basis, to face the pandemic by consolidating our modes of solidarity and preparing for the post-crisis period.

I am attentive, dear colleagues and friends, to your concerns, your difficulties, your proposals and your good practices to consolidate our regional commitment.

Together, we are stronger.


Mrs. Soham EL WARDINI, Mayor of the city of Dakar, Senegal, and Vice-President of the West Africa region of United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa).

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