Inaugural Meeting of the African Metropolis Forum at the Metropolis 2018 Annual Meeting

From August 26 to 29, 2018, the annual meeting of Metropolis (World Association of the Major Metropolises) will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa, under the theme: “Inclusive Metropolitan Cities and City-Regions”.

The program of the meeting aims to ensure the inclusion of the main challenges of inclusion in the global agenda of metropolitan areas. For this purpose, the thematic sessions will address the key points of sustainable urbanization, such as migration, the fight against racism, social cohesion, gender equality, youth employment, growth of urban poverty, empowerment of girls and the informal economy. African cities will take part in this important meeting.

On May 4, 2018, African metropoles attend a meeting in Rabat, Morocco, for the preparation of the Metropolis Annual Meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa. 25 mayors of major cities in Africa , members of UCLG Africa are expected  at the UJ Soweto Campus, on August 26, 2018, at an inaugural meeting of the African Metropolis Forum.

This meeting will mark the official launch of the African Metropolis Forum to be held at the next Africities Summit from 20 to 24 November 2018 in Marrakech, Morocco under the theme: “ The Transition towards sustainable cities and territories : the role of local and subnational governments of Africa” . It should be noted that there  will be an inaugural official dinner, during the Africities Summit, that will take place on 22 November 2018, between the leaders of African Metropolises and the leaders of African business to build a collaboration partnership leading to sustainable and inclusive metropolises and city regions in Africa. During the meeting of August 26, 2018 in Johannesburg, the African cities will define the orientations that will enable them to play their role of connecting Africa to the World.

Participants at the Metropolis annual meeting include: development investors, entrepreneurs and high-profile speakers, major métropolitain leaders, Governments, SMME sector, small and medium enterprise support agencies and other development institutions across the continent and the world. An exhibition will also be hosted during the event to showcase projects that have contributed to the building of inclusive cities. The exhibition will be open to the public. UCLG Africa will have a stand at the exhibition.