Establishment of National Associations of Local Governments: Assessment Study

In the framework of its new project of institution of Local Governments, which aims to support the establishment of national associations of local governments in African countries where they do not exist or strengthen fledgling national associations, UCLG Africa is launching an assessment study within three countries, namely: Equatorial Guinea, Liberia and Ethiopia.


The assessment study has the following objectives:

  1. Pre-Study: In this first phase of the process, the goal is to establish the existence of local governments in the country for the study and to establish whether similar studies concerning the establishment of national associations have been conducted in the last five years.
  2. Baseline Study: The second phase of the assessment study will focus on collecting basic information on the state of the institution of local government in the country and assessing the status of decentralisation in the country.
  3. National association establishment and strengthening: At this point, it will be about engaging the leadership of cities, including the major ones, government department responsible for decentralisation and other relevant organisations in order to establish their perceptions on the need for the establishment of a new association or the strengthening of an existing one.

Then, the aim will be to develop institutional and organisational proposal for the establishment of a national association and to identify potential sources of initial funding for the establishment of a national association.

The last phase will be to organise and convene a meeting of key stakeholders under the direction of the UCLG Africa to consider statutes for the establishment of a national association or strategies for intervention to strengthen the existing association.


In this perspective, and in order to undertake this study for each country, a consultant will be engaged. The consultant specifications are:

  • •University degree, preferably in Public Administration or Organisational Development, Social Sciences. Masters level qualification would be an advantage;
  • •At least 10 years’ experience in public administration, preferably in a local government environment, or local government training;
  • •Social research skills;
  • •Good facilitation skills;
  • •Availability to work on the assignment spread over a period of three months (the 15 days consultancy period may be spread over this period)
  • •Proficiency, oral and written, in the English Language for assignment in Ethiopia and Liberia and Spanish or French for Equatorial Guinea.

Interested persons should submit a proposal to the UCLG-Africa by email to  and

Consultants must indicate the country selected for the study.

The proposal must include:

  • •Personal contact details: names, postal address, email, telephone contacts, next of kin details
  • •Qualifications and experience
  • •Proposal: Demonstrate understanding of the assignment; Approach to be adopted; the methodology; timeline
  • •Date available to commence study and maximum overall duration available for the study (While the consultancy paid period is fixed at 15 days, the actual duration may be spread over a longer period, however, not exceeding 90 days from the commencement date). This will allow time for in-country processes initiated by the consultant leading to the establishment of an association.


Deadline for submission of Proposal: 26 June 2015

Expected Date of Commencement of Study:27 July 2015


For more information, we kindly invite you to read the Terms of Reference of Assessment Study here