Echoes from Liverpool by the UCLG Africa Secretary General

The UCLG World Executive Bureau held a policy debate on planning and public space as part of the UCLG Global Agenda Priorities. The debate took place at the Liverpool Town Hall on Tuesday 17 June 2014 from 9:15-11:15.

The opening remarks by Cllr Richard Kemp insisted on the role of local governments in building sustainable multidimensional relations that are instrumental to building a more prosperous and peaceful world for all.

The chairperson of the meeting, Mr. Josep Roig presented why it is important to deal with the public space, insisting on the sacred value of public space as a public good. The tendency to have private gate communities that are developing everywhere is the proof that public space is not a given, but should be a concern for each local authorities. There is a proposal that a target of 30% of urban space should be public. This can be considered as a good starting point. The 2010 Manifesto insisted on the need to see public space as a public service and public good, and the place where all citizen regard less of their income and personnalité circumstances can feel equal and equally cared for.

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