Botswana-Lobatse Town Council Women Councillors donate Cooking Stoves towards Covid-19 Interventions

Access to Clean and convenient energy for cooking and heating remains a challenge in Lobatse Town, and harvesting of firewood for cooking and heating, is still visible during Lock-Down, an activity that defeats the efforts of extreme social distancing and staying in-doors by the public to curb the spread of corona Virus, as requested by the Government of Botswana.

Today, 17th April 2020, Lobatse Town Councillors Women Councillors, led by the Deputy Mayor for Lobatse Town Council, who is also the Local Government National Woman Commissioner, Honourable Tiny Dinoko, donated 55 cooking stove, and 50 litres of paraffin, to be distributed to households in needs during ‘Lock Down’ Period.

When handing the stoves to the Office of the Area MP, Deputy Mayor, Hon Tiny Dinoko, said as Women Councillors, for Lobatse Town Council, their concern was seeing women pushing wheelbarrows to gather firewood, for cooking, when they should be staying home, to observe Lock Down Regulations as set by the Government. She said, as Women they saw the need the meet Government half way, and provide some stoves for cooking food hampers donated by Government. Her Worship, Dinoko said they contributed funds from their own pockets, and with assistance from Local Investors, to get stoves to relieve women- headed households the burden of going out to collect firewood. She said  they hope the stoves will offer a temporary relieve this difficult time of Covid -19 Outbreak.

She promised that, this donation might not be their last contribution, as they will still work hard to find ways of assisting Lobatse Community and the Government of Botswana, in all its efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19.


Lobatse Town Council Women Councillors, Hon Malebogo Kruger, The Deputy Mayor, Hon Tiny Dinoko, Hon KenanaoMononi, and Hon Agnes Moabi, with Mr Terror Mokwena from the Office of the Member of Parliament.


Source: Lobatse Town Council  (Botswana)