ALGA Receives Observer Status during the 17th Annual Session of the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration

Based on the invitation of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA)/ the Directorate of Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM), the Director of ALGA, Dr. Najat ZARROUK took part in the 17th Annual Session of the Committee of Experts of Public Administration (UN-CEPA) at UN Headquarters, New York, from 23 to 27 April 2018. This participation was marked by:

1. ALGA of UCLG-Africa has now been recognized as an Observer Institution during the CEPA Session; 2. The Director presented a document on the UCLG-Africa vision on the implementation of Global Agendas;

3. The Director took part to the Meeting to present the 2018 World Report on Public Service entitled “Working together: Integration, Institutions and the Sustainable Development Goals”. In this regard, she stressed the need to ensure coherence and integration between the various Global Agendas (SDG, New Urban Agenda, Climate Agenda, Sendai Framework, Financing Agenda). With regard to vertical integration, she also recalled the open project on localizing the SDGs at the local level, in close partnership with UCLG, where the focus is on information, awareness raising, advocacy, training, capacity building, Peer learning, training of trainers, documentation, online training (the 2 MOOCs of ALGA available on COURSERA Plateform, the organization of seminars, conferences, etc … However, all this efforts are not enough, because behind each SDG, behind each target, behind each indicator, we need to find a local elected official and a local manager who are professional, competent, committed, skilled, motivated and ethical. She also promised to disseminate the Report among the Members and the Networks of UCLG-Africa.

4. The Director took part in the United Nations Public Administration Network meeting (called UNPAN ).

The Portal is being restructured to reflect the new context linked to the Global Agendas, in particular the implementation of the SDGs. Participants at this meeting were asked to express their views and expectations on the Portal and how they view its restructuration. The representative of UCLG-Africa suggested to make it a Global Hub aiming in particular: – to promote access to information; – to promote and anchor Networking between all institutions / structures working in the field of Public Administration at all levels; – Training and Capacity building; – Knowledge Management and sharing of experiences and good practices. UCLG-Africa and ALGA will be able to become members of UNPAN very soon, on the basis of an official letter that will be sent to DPADM Director.

New York, on 29th April, 2018