ALGA College of Territorial Coaching: Closing of the First International Training Session for Territorial Coaches

The first international training session for territorial coaches at UCLGA’s College of Territorial Coaching of the African Local Government Academy, (ALGA), took place April 23 – May 2, 2018 at the campus  of the University of Mohamed Premier (UMP) of Oujda.

This international training session was delivered to 25 participants, including 16 participants from nine  African countries (3 Senegal; 1 Djibouti; 1 Comoros; 1 Togo; 2 Cameroon; 1 Niger; 2 Ivory Coast; 4 Mali; 1 Burkina Faso). The remaining nine participants came from Morocco and France (2 from Rabat (City of Rabat and ALGA); 1 from Paris (MRE); and 6 from the Oriental region, (CRO; City of Oujda; CHU). Courses were delivered by four trainers with content including practical and theoretical exercises.

A series of events have also been organized over the 10 days.  These will include:

  • The participation of promotion 2 in the ceremony for the delivery of training certificates for the 1st Moroccan Promotion of Territorial Coaches.  This will take place on April 27, at the headquarters of the Oriental Regional Council.
  • The visit of the IFMEREE with the support of the CRO;
  • A visit to Saïdia;
  • An exchange with the first promotion;
  • A cultural exchange  with the students of the Comoros organized by UMP;
  • A visit to the Centre of Excellence for Territorial Coaching in Oujda;
  • A presentation of the strategy of the Oriental region in the field of ESS;
  • An exchange with co-ops in the region (CRO);
  • A visit to the medina of Oujda;
  • Meetings/exchanges with the board of Directors of the NGO Echos Communication;
  • An exchange with elected representatives from the Eastern region (signing of a memorandum of understanding);
  • A visit to the African Bivouac;
  • A closing dinner of the African Forum of Territorial Managers and Training Institutes targeting local governments;
  • A meeting with the cooperation department of the city of Oujda;
  • A visit from the CRO Vice president.

The second phase of the training will be held at the seaside resort of Saïdia, from September 24 -29, 2018. The participants of the African Promotion will receive their diplomas at the next Africities 8 Summit  scheduled for  November 20 – 24, 2018 in Marrakesh, Morocco.