A multi-level structured dialogue on climate finance: the untapped potential of investments in mitigation and adaptation at the subnational level




As part of its participation in the work of LOCs4Africa, a session was organized by UCLG Africa, in partnership with ICLEI and CoM SSA, on vertical governance under the theme,     A multi-level structured dialogue on climate finance: the untapped potential of investments in mitigation and adaptation at the subnational level.

The session, organized in two parts, was moderated by Stéphane M. Pouffary, General Manager of ENERGIES 2050 and Mr. Mohamed Nbou, Director of the Climate Task Force at UCLG Africa, with the participation of the following panelists: Ms. Giorgia Rambelli and Mr. Andy Deacon (GCoM), Ms. Kobie Brand, Regional Director ( ICLEI Africa ), Mr. Frédéric Vallier, Secretary General (CEMR), as well as Mr. Mohamed Sefiani, Mayor of Chefchaouen and Co-President of the Climate Task Force of UCLG Africa and Mrs. Georgette Djenontin Daba, Climate Change Focal Point of the National Association of Communes of Benin (ANCB).

The efforts undertaken within the framework of the CoM SSA were the entry points of discussion to identify the salient points of the debate. Special thanks go to the CoM SSA initiative, the Climate Task Force of UCLG Africa, that has made it possible to institute an approach that structures and facilitates the establishment of a collaborative framework between a national government and the local governments. The CoM SSA was also the initiator of the proposal to revise the NDCs starting with the definition of Locally Determined Contributions (LDCs) through the establishment of a Structured Dialogue between the two levels of local and national decisions to achieve effective territorialization of NDCs.

This proposal for LDCs was endorsed by the Africa group at COP 25 in December 2019 in Madrid and is currently the subject of a pilot study in the Souss-Massa region in Morocco. The results of this pilot project will be presented during the Local Authorities Day, scheduled during COP 26 in November 2021 in Glasgow and will be disseminated to local authorities in Africa.

The LDC concept also aims to amplify the voice of African local authorities with regional and international financial institutions and mobilize the still poorly exploited potential at the local level for a better implementation of the Paris Accord.

Following this perspective, the main part of the session debate focused on the means of building bridges of climate finance and removing the obstacles and barriers to lay the foundations of a framework that will foster the pooling of efforts between the two decision-making levels, the national and local one, in order to speed up the pace of implementation of NDCs.

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