Publication :Assessing the Institutional Environment of Local Governments in Africa

« Africa’s cities are growing at an unprecedented rate, of over 3% per year on average. The continent’s urban population is expected to double over the next 20 to 30 years, with a majority of Africans living in cities.

Similar to other regions of the developing world, Africa is transforming from a mostly rural region into an urban one. As such, managing the urban process and positioning cities as inclusive engines of growth is an urgent priority for Africa.

With the political, social and economic role of cities growing increasingly important, governance hasemerged as a major issue. As a result of decentralization laws, local governments are expected to play a crucial role in the urbanization process. How effectively they are able to do so, depends largely on the transparency of the policy framework and on how much leeway they are given by national governments. Local governments must be empowered with the functions and resources necessary toinnovate, promote local development, and be accountable to their citizens. »

Based on these assessments, UCLG Africa and Cities Alliance decided to partner in order to propose an assessment of the institutional environment of local governments in Africa. This report analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the institutional framework set by the African countries to promote local governance and suggest ways to improve its efficiency.

This publication was unveiled on October 3rd during UCLG’s world summit in Rabat

This assessment, the first of its kind for the African Continent, is to be reviewed and and reedited every two to three years. You can read this report online, here.

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Unveileing of the publication during UCLG’s Wolrd Congress in Rabat, with Khalifa Sall  (President of UCLG Africa), Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi (Secretary General of UCLG Africa) and William Cobbett (Head of Programs of Cities Alliance)


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