Call for applications: Project Officer for The Network of the Locally Elected Women of Africa (REFELA)

In order to support REFELA in the management of the Network and the implementation of its 2016/2018 action plan, UCLG-A recruits an REFELA Project Manager within the General Secretariat team at the headquarters of the organization in Rabat.

Under the supervision of the Chief of Staff and Operations, the REFELA Project Manager will be responsible for assisting and supporting the network in the implementation of its 2016/2018 strategic plan.

The functional responsibilities of the REFELA Project Officer are:

  1. Carrying out the function of secretary of the network for the preparation, organization and reporting about the Network meetings as well as technical and logistical support to the activities and tasks of the Presidency and the Executive Board of REFELA.
  2. Preparing the draft budgets and annual accounts of activities to submit for approval by the REFELA bodies and
  3. Supporting the establishment of national REFELA chapters and the definition of their intervention programs.
  4. Supporting the organization, launch and implementation of the campaigns planned under the REFELA action plan for the 2016/2018 period and developing indicators to monitor the performance of the said campaigns.
  5. Proposing the content, format, and the contest organizational arrangements for the awarding of the Excellence Award.
  6. Identifying and recommending to the competent bodies of REFELA the institutional, technical and financial partnerships likely to contribute to the achievement of REFELA’s missions and its 2016/2018 action plan, and report on the implementation of such partnerships.
  7. Participating in the general development of UCLG-A and its missions.


The REFELA Project Officer must demonstrate:

  • •The ability to animate networks of relationships and employees across the continent
  • •The ability to work in teams in a multicultural universe.
  • •The ability to prepare cases for the search for financing and management of the corresponding projects.
  • •Good strategic vision, creativity, organizational skills.
  • •Good organizational skills.
  • •Good negotiating capacity.

The position is open to African candidates holding a business high school degree or a post-graduate University in specialties related to the mandates and tasks of local communities and gender issues and with a 10-year minimum proven relevant experience.

Interested candidates must send their application file including a cover letter; a detailed CV, certified copies of diplomas, work certificates, professional references and a photo ID to the addresses mentioned in the Terms of Reference attached here.

Submission deadline is March 25, 2015 at 17:00GMT.