Recruitment of LEDNA Online Facilitator

LEDNA is recruiting within the framework of its new 2014-2018 phase an Online Facilitator on a one (1) year renewable contract.

Tasks of the LEDNA Online Facilitator: 

  • •Monitoring and coordinating the activities of the website: questioning, support, networking and motivation, provision of explanations and additional resources, facilitation of work station to work station learning.
  • •Formulation of responses to the users’ requests on the networking of contents and social networking, coordination of responses to the technical requests with the IT support team.
  • •Provision of technical support and assistance to the users: the members must feel at ease with the system and the software which are used to work virtually.
  • •Working with the project team on the substantial pooling of resources, ensuring available information can be used for the management of the network, and for the users when such information is not confidential.
  • •Continuous development, adaptation and implementation of the LEDNA marketing strategy.
  • •Participation in the mobilization and coordination of the social network, creation of a user-friendly social environment in which takes places an exchange of learning and information.
  • •Participation in the creation of original LEDNA contents
  • •Development of communication channels for the networks (e.g. technical solutions, such as blogs, mailing lists , etc.)
  • •Regular Production of reports on the performance indicators of the LEDNA platform.
  • •Monitoring the technical operation of the LEDNA website in collaboration with the webmaster.

To apply, please send your CV and an application letter (maximum one page) by email before 31 July 2014 to the two addresses and

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