Tanzania’s 2016 Mayors Award Winners Announced

Tanzania’s 2016 edition of the Mayors Award was succesfully concluded with the award of prizes to 14 winners in varying categories on the 23rd September 2016 at Ream Gardens in Musoma Municipal Council, Mara region, Tanzania.  The Tanzania Mayors Award was established by the Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT) in cooperation with the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) and German Cooperation (GIZ) in 2015.

A total of 16 trophies were procured in accordance with the different categories of the award. Five trophies were intended to be won for each of the five areas of competition in each of the three categories and one for the overall winner. In that fourteen prizes were won and awarded as per the list below:

OVERALL WINNER:Ushetu District Council


1. Service DeliveryTanga City Council

2. Local Economic DevelopmentTanga City Council

3. Financial ViabilityMbeya City Council

4. Municipal TransformationArusha City Council

5. Good GovernanceNo Award Given (Category was not prioritised by the competitors)



1. Service DeliveryIringa Municipal Council

2. Local Economic DevelopmentTabora Municipal Council

3. Financial ViabilityTabora Municipal Council

4. Municipal TransformationShinyanga Municipal Council

5. Good GovernanceNo Award Given (Category was not prioritised by the competitors)



1. Service DeliveryUshetu District Council

2. Local Economic DevelopmentNjombe District Council

3. Financial ViabilityNjombe District Council

4. Municipal TransformationMasasi District Council

5. Good GovernanceUshetu District Council


The two trophies that remained were due to the non-responsiveness in the area of governance under both the city and municipality categories. In addition to the trophy, the overall winning council of Usheto District was also given a brand new agriculture tractor.

In his speech, Dr Juma M. NYENDE, the East Africa Regional Office-UCLG Africa director outlined the award objectives and benefits and thereafter stressed UCLG Africa’s commitment towards Mayors Award Scheme, not only in Tanzania but in the entire Africa. He revealed that the next edition of the Africa Mayors Award is being planned to be held and that Dar es Salaam is being considered among the preferred venues.