Official Launch of “Territorial Coaching” Program in Oujda, Morocco

Territorial Coaching Program was officially launched, Monday 17thNovember 2014, in Oujda, the capital city of the Oriental Region of the Kingdom of Morocco. UCLG Africa Secretary General took part in this event among many other stakeholders.

This program is the result of a partnership agreement between UCLG Africa and the Oriental Region Council, concluded last June in Oujda in the fringes of the second seminar on decentralized cooperation.

The Coaching Territorial Program is based on developing the existing forces, improving the human relations and wittingly managing behaviors. This approach is novel on both levels, national and continental, and it mainly aims at granting ownership and empowerment for the benefit of local structures and actors.

UCLG Africa Secretary General has specified, during his speech that by adopting the 2011 Constitution, Morocco has made the determined choice in favor of a more decentralized management and that the advanced regionalization will effectively introduce a profound mutation in the way public matters are managed.

The choice of the Oriental Region of Morocco is justified by the expectations of the elected representatives and the local actors who have shown a real interest for this program proposed by UCLG Africa during Rabat-2013. Hence, local actors in this region of Morocco will benefit from a support, which will allow them to better assess the problems confronting them and to mobilize the existing resources advisedly.

For more information about the Coaching Territorial Program, you can visit the website here (in French only).

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