Chadian Deputies Sensitized on Decentralization and Federalism

On Monday, 24 April 2017, the members of the National Assembly of Chad were sensitized on Decentralization and Federalism.

This initiative is part of the implementation of the Support program for good governance which, stemmed from the cooperation between Chad and the European Union.

The expertise of UCLG Africa was requested for the realization of this important meeting.

After the presentation on the State of decentralization in Chad by the Director General of Decentralization, Mr. KADADY DODY, UCLG Africa Programs’ Director, Mr. François Paul Yatta has presented three other themes to the MPs:

-The challenges of decentralization in Africa and in Chad. The presentation focused on the goal of decentralization, its benefits with three allocative efficiencies, productive, fiscal, and the link with the implementation of the MDGs and the SDGs;

-The challenges of financial decentralization with an overview of the different funding mechanisms for local authorities, the justification of financial transfers and specialized financial institutions;

-The principles and mechanisms of decentralization and federalism.

The discussions around these three presentations allowed members to have an idea of the issues and the mechanisms of decentralization on the one hand, and on the other hand have a comparative analysis between the principles of federalism and decentralization.

Finally, Chadian national parliamentarians were able to situate the process of decentralization in Chad compared to other African countries through the results of the Assessing the Institutional Environment of Local Governments in Africa report carried out in 50 African countries.  A Study produced by UCLG Africa and Cities Alliance in 2015 (see picture below with Chad score).