Apply for the United Nations Public Service Awards (UNPSA) 2017

A Call for nomination for the 2017 United Nations Public Service Awards is now available. The application process is open until 28 February 2017.

“The purpose of the UNPSA is to promote and reward innovation and excellence in public services for sustainable development in support of the realization of the SDGs and the principle to leave no one behind, which is at the core of the 2030 Agenda. It also takes into account the various levels of development of countries and reflects the universal nature of the SDGs,” explains the award presentation.

The Award is open to all public organizations, including governments and public sector institutions including public-private partnerships for delivering services.

Nominations for the Awards for 2017  are accepted in three categories:

  1. Reaching the poorest and most vulnerable through inclusive services and participation
  2. Promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in public service
  3. Innovation and excellence in delivering health services

Who can nominate: Public sector institutions (e.g., ministries, Government departments, authorities and agencies; local governments, etc.), schools of public administration; UN agencies (only for initiatives which they have not supported); universities; non-governmental organizations and private sector.

The Awards will be handed out on 23 June 2017 during the United Nations Public Service Forum, which will be held in the Netherlands. That day, 23 June, is the United Nations Public Service Day and aims to “celebrate the value and virtue of public service to the community” (A/RES/57/277).

The nomination form must be completed online on the UNPSA portal here

Note that only one initiative per country can be awarded.

For more information see here