Regional Seminars for Leaders on Local Governments in Africa

On January 28, 2015, United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) and the European Commission (EC) signed a Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) and entered into a strategic partnership with the aim to strengthen local governments in Africa.


In this perspective, UCLG Africa is conducting a series of Regional Seminars across all the five regions of Africa (West, South, Central and North Africa) to which all National Associations of local governments from each of these regions are expected to attend.

Within the EC and UCLG Africa Framework Partnership Agreement strategic goals, the Regional Seminars aim to contribute to the realization of the following goals:

a) Emergence of the political voice of local authorities through fostering greater participation of African people in Africa’s development;

b) Improve the contribution of local authorities to the building of common Africa and EU agenda on conflict prevention and peace building;

c) Strengthen the capacity of the UCLG Africa Secretariat and network as the political representative of African local authorities and their support structure;

d) Contribute to the strengthening of the capacity of national and regional associations of local authorities in Africa to execute their responsibilities;

e) Improve local governments’ inputs on propositions on global governance issues in the framework of African Union and United Nations;

f) Contribute to the effective contribution of common positions of African local authorities.

These Regional Seminars represent an excellent opportunity for national associations of local governments in Africa, mayors or representatives of capital African cities to contribute to the process, initiated by UCLG Africa, of implementing its vision of “building the African unity and driving its development from the grassroots”.

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