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Motion of support and solidarity to cities and local governments victims of terrorist violence

Participants at the UCLG World Congress held in Durban from 11 to 15 November 2019, noted that in recent years the countries around  Sahel, particularly Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger, but also other cities and communities around the world have suffered terrorist attacks resulting in many casualties.

Local and regional authorities often pay the highest price for these attacks, as evidenced by the recent murder of the Mayor of Djibo in Burkina Faso and three of his companions.

UCLG members strongly condemn these attacks and killings.

They express their sincere condolences to the families, town councils, cities and populations affected.

They call on the community of Local Authorities and leaders of local and regional governments to demonstrate their active solidarity with the governments concerned and their national associations.

They call on the international community to be more responsive in providing the necessary assistance to victims, but also to collaborate with local and regional authorities and the State to deal with the risk of terrorism and eradicate this scourge.

Done at Durban, 13 November 2019

Participants at the sixth UCLG World Congress                   

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