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First issue of the Newsletter of the Local Economic Development Network of Africa (LEDNA)


The year 2020 is the year of the launch of the first issue of the new version of the newsletter of the Network for Local Economic Development in Africa – LEDNA. It will be published every two months with the main objective of sharing with all the African protagonists of Local Economic Development (LED) the innovations, experiments, programs and projects in progress in African countries.

This newsletter is therefore yours ; it will also collect and disseminate your experiments and experiences in terms of Local Economic Development, in addition to the rich information already disseminated by our  www.ledna.org website which we strongly invite you to visit.

Aimed at the greatest number of people, the LEDNA website has several objectives: to provide a world-class knowledge hub whose access is free and with impartial and analyzed information; to promote the sharing of knowledge and experiences using the latest communication and networking techniques; to allow users to have access to their LED counterparts and establish communities of practice; and to capitalize and disseminate lessons learned from LED experiences in Africa.

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