Africities 2015: “The contribution of local authorities in the promotion and reinforcement of the role of arts and culture in the Agenda 2063”

On the occasion of the 7th international exhibition of cities and local governments in Africa, Africities Exhibition, which is part of the 7th Africities Summit, in Johannesburg, “Arterial Network” and “Culture et Développement” have the pleasure to invite you to join the debate session SH18 on the topic “The contribution of local authorities in the promotion and reinforcement of the role of arts and culture in the Agenda 2063”.

The session is scheduled for the 30th November 2015, from 9AM to 11AM and will be chaired by the Mayor of Yopougon, Kafana Koné Gilbert, Chairman of UVICOCI with the participation of Mayor of Dakar, Khalifa Sall, President of UCLG AfricaMayor of SegouOusmane Simaga; Deputy Mayor of DurbanNomvuso Shabalala;  Mamou Daffe (Arterial Network/ Réseau Kya, Mali); Francisco D’Almeida(Culture et Développement, Togo/ France); Selma Ouissi (L’Art Rue, Tunisia).

Elected representatives, speakers, sector experts and the audience will be invited to debate on the key role of culture for local sustainable development and on the contribution of local authorities to the cultural dimension of the Agenda 2063.  Through best practice examples, the panel will highlight how the development of coherent, integrated cultural policies, strategies and programmes can maximize the role of Arts and Culture in:

  • Socio-economic growth and development
  • Pan-African and international cooperation
  • Citizen empowerment and community engagement

For more details, you can contact: Marie Sachet  and Eudoxie Sallaz


Africities 2015: Participation of Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI)

In the framework of the 7th Africities Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, Shack / Slum Dwellers International (SDI) will participate in several sessions along with Cities Alliance, IAI and UN Habitat.

The sessions are:

  • SH-02: The Inhabitants Associations & Local Authorities Towards Quito” (Int’l Alliance of Inhabitants)
  • SU-18: Youth & the City: Youth Participation and Contribution towards Inclusive Cities in Africa (Cities Alliance)
  • SO-05: Neighborhood Upgrading: Community Managed Funds for Slum Upgrading” (UN Habitat)
  • SO-09: Local Governance and the Role of Inclusive Partnerships for the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda” (Cities Alliance)

Shack / Slum Dwellers International (SDI) is a network of community-based organizations of the urban poor in 33 countries and hundreds of cities and towns across Africa, Asia and Latin America. At its core, SDI’s advocacy at the global level seeks to make change at the local level.

SDI works on many levels in order to achieve this change. In fact, SDI’s practices for change are built on the central participation of women, savings and credits, learning exchanges, enumerations and mapping, partnerships and slum upgrading.

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Johannesburg (South Africa) will host the 7th Edition of the Africities Summit

The Africities Political Commission met on 18 December 2013 in Brazzaville at the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Congo.


The aim of this meeting was to choose the Host City of the Africities Summit to be held from 01 to 05 December 2015.

The Africities Political Commission is composed of the President of United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) who is presently from the West African sub-region, and the four Vice -Presidents of each of the other 4 sub-regions of Africa, as well as the UCLG-A Secretary General who is an ex officio member of the Commission.

After deliberation, the Africities Political Commission chose the City of Johannesburg (South Africa), to host the 7th Edition of the Africities Summit from 01 to 05 December 2015.

Furthermore, the Commission decided to adopt as theme of the Summit: “2063 Vision for Africa: Which contributions from the African Local Governments ?”

Please click here to read the Presse release

Offcial Opening of Africities VI in Dakar

The 6th edition of the Africities Summit has been officially launched this Tuesday 4 December in Dakar. More than 5000 participants are expected until the 8th of December to this great continental and global event, organized by UCLG Africa.


Following Abidjan, Windhoek, Yaounde, Nairobi and Marrakech, the Senegalese capital has the honor to host the sixth summit of the African cities under the subject “Building Africa from its territories: What challenges for the local governments”. Participants are then called to examine the impact of the dynamic of urbanization, globalization and democratization with her corollary the decentralization, on the reorganization of the settlement and development of the continent, and her inscription in the world of today and tomorrow. The favored prospect is to approach the challenges of the development and the governance of the continent with the aim to contribute to the emergence of Africa of the People, beyond and across Africa of the States, a sine qua non condition of the successful inscription of Africa in the world.

The participants represent all the protagonists of the African local life and their partners from other regions of the world: ministers in charge for the local governments, of sustainable development and of employment; local authorities and elected officials; central and local administrations representatives; civil society organizations, professional associations and trade unions; economic operators of the public and private sectors, and of the social economy; traditional and moral authorities; researchers and academics; international cooperation agencies.

The Summit programme comprises three parts : the thematic sessions during which the theme of the Summit is analyzed and discussed (December 4th and 5th) ; special sessions organized at the request of institutions, agencies or networks wishing to work with local governments of Africa (December 6th) ; the last two days are planned for political meetings (December 7th and 8th).

The whole week long, the International Exhibition of cities and local governments of Africa (Africities Exhibition) contiguous to the space of the conference offers the opportunity to public and private sector companies, public and private institutions, to civil society and international solidarity organizations, as well as to local governments and their associations to showcase their products, tools, methods and experiments at the service of local communities and populations. The Africities Business Exhibition hosts between 200 exhibitors.

Greatest names of written and audiovisual press are also expected to cover one of the greatest events of the African continent. Local, Continental and European televisions; radio stations; Arabic English and French speaking written press will broadcast debates to a global audience during these five days.

Eventually, thanks to an unprecedented online communication scheduled by the organizers, you can keep up with the news of the summit and watch live broadcast of the big moment of Africities:

·         Official Website of Africities 6

·         Website of  the International Exhibition of cities and local governments of Africa

·         The fringe news on the Africites Blog

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