Africities 2015: Stakeholder Session (SH-11): Professional from Central and Local Administrations

30 November 2015, Sandton Convention Center, Boardroom 6, Johannesburg, South Africa

On Monday, November 30, 2015, the sum of 36 sessions took place in the framework of the7th Africities Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Among the 18 Stakeholders Sessions that took place in the morning, a session gathered the professionals from central and local administrations to address the issue of management and governance challenges in the continent as well as the way AAPAM as a professional body can contribute to Agenda 2063.

The programme of the session was as follows:

  • Facilitator:

Dr PM Sokhela – Department of Public Service and Administration (SA)

  • Chair:

His Worship, Councillor Christopher Juba Ndlela – Mayor: City of Pietermaritzburg – KwaZulu-Natal Province (SA)

  • Presenters:

Mr. Simon Angote (Kenya Public Service)

Professor Emeritus Chris Thornhill – University of Pretoria (SA)

Professor Kedibone Phago – University of Limpopo (SA)

  • Scribes:

Dr Michel Tshiyoyo – University of Pretoria (SA)

Ms Jessica Achieng – AAPAM (Kenya)

  • Discussion
  • Recommendations

The presenters focused on how public sector officials can truly be professionalized and be part of a professional association. The importance of detaining the appropriate skills and qualifications was also highlighted as the way forward for strong local governments capable of entirely fulfilling their missions.

The session also mentioned the role that AAPAM can play in partnership with other stakeholders in the strengthening of professionalization process and the spread of best practices within African countries.

The participants at the end of the session wrote down their recommendations to contribute to the achievement of Agenda 2063.