Africities 2015: Johannesburg, the New Beginning for Africa with the People

Hardly three weeks away from the biggest democratic gathering of Local Africa, are the final preparations for Africities 7 in Johannesburg carried out. The Africities Summit taking place this year in the economic capital city of South Africa, in Sandton Convention Centre, from 29 November to 3 December 2015, has for a theme: “ Shaping the future of Africa with the people : Africa’s local government contribution to the Africa 2063 Vision”.

Africities Summit is the major appointment of Africa’s local authorities. In fact, during this 7th edition, and for 5 days, the summit will look at issues affecting urban and economic development in African cities through the different sessions (open sessions, thematic sessions, stakeholders’ sessions and special sessions) animated by distinguished experts and guests.

The themes of all these sessions cover a large spectrum of vital issues for local authorities in Africa such as town planning, urban safety, informal economy and trading, food security, municipal international relations and so on…

The summit will also offer to the attending African mayors the opportunity to meet their peers from China, Latin America, Turkey and Europe and to exchange views on common problems facing local authorities across the world. Moreover, several well-known experts will host special sessions around global issues such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

That’s why, all the stakeholders involved in local governance and municipalities’ management, the different socio-professional categories, entrepreneurs, civil society, women, youth… are all invited to take part in Africities 2015 Summit and to make their voices heard.

In parallel with the summit, the Africities Exhibition will bring more than 150 exhibitors from different sectors, with almost 6000 delegates and decision makers who will take part in the summit: ministers, mayors, presidents and heads of local governments, leaders of central governments , representatives of regional and international institutions and in addition to 9000 to 10 000 additional visitors expected.

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