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African Capitals of Culture: Seminar on “Territorial Action for Effective Decentralization”    

The House of Representatives of the Marrakech Safi Region inaugurated, on 24 June 2019, the seminar “Territorial Action for Effective Decentralization” which brings together, until 30 June, in Marrakech, the African regions partners of the Marrakech Safi Region. On this occasion, Mr Ahmed Akhchichine, President of the Marrakech Safi Region and Mrs Aouatif Berdaï, Vice-President of the Municipality of Marrakech, demonstrated the commitment of the Marrakech Safi Region and the Municipality of Marrakech and affirmed the dynamic that unites them to the organizing committee of the African Capitals of Culture led by UCLG Africa (United Cities and Local Governments of Africa), to make Marrakech 2020 the first African Capital of Culture. The message is strong and clear: Marrakech is at the forefront of the development and strengthening of ties between Africa and Morocco and this ambition is demonstrated in the partnerships and opportunities that Marrakech and its Region can offer to Africa and Morocco.

During a visit to Marrakech City Hall, Mrs. Aouatif Berdai, Vice-President of the Municipality of Marrakech, introduced Marrakech 2020 and called on the delegations present to participate in the programme. During the discussions, a draft cooperation agreement between the Commune of Marrakech and the Commune of Agadez in Niger was put forward. The Municipality of Marrakech and the Region of Marrakech wish to make this Capital Year “a festive year for Africa, Morocco and Marrakech”. It’s in these terms that the President of the Marrakech Safi Region, Mr Ahmed Akhchichine, joins the invitation of the Municipality of Marrakech to ensure that the partner cities and territories of Marrakech and its Region join the Marrakech 2020 process and the African Capitals of Culture “For cities, territories and their civil societies, acting as a network in a continental dynamic, sustainable, inclusive and supportive”.