UCLG Africa President, Mr. Léandre Nzué visits the organization’s headquarters in Rabat

On Wednesday 23 October, 2019, Mr. Léandre Nzué, Mayor of Libreville (Gabon) and President of UCLG Africa, made a working visit to the organization’s headquarters in Rabat (Morocco). President Nzué’s delegation was composed of Mr. Eric Joel Bekalé, diplomatic adviser to the Mayor of Libreville and Mr. Jean Bruno Mipinda, Adviser to the Mayor of Libreville. This was an opportunity for Mr. Nzué to exchange with the staff of the secretariat and lead a working session, to which he was welcomed by the Secretary General, Mr. Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi.

After a brief introduction made by Mr. Mbassi, the heads of departments presented the main ongoing projects and requested the support of the President for their success. President Léandre Nzue reassured all of his commitment to lead the advocacy on behalf of African local authorities at the national and international levels.  He was, then, invited by the African Local Governments Academy (ALGA) to support advocacy for the consideration of human capital capacity building at the local level.

The Membership and External Relations Department presented the program on transparency and integrity at the local level and requested the President’s input to involve major African capitals in joining UCLG Africa and ministries as associate members. For the program management, the current major project is the establishment of the Africa Territorial Agency, which is a financial vehicle that will enable local authorities to have access to the financial market. The launch meeting of the AAT founding club is scheduled for 11 November, 2019 in Durban (South Africa), as part of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders to be held from 11-15 November, 2019. The city of Libreville intends to be part of the member cities of the founding club.

The Climate Task Force received an assurance from Mr. Nzué to take the concept of locally determined conditions (CDLs), initiated by African local authorities, into the negotiations for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. In the direction of COP 25, a hearing with the Gabonese Head of State will be requested so that he can defend this concept to the States, Gabon being the next country to chair the African group in terms of negotiations.

The Network of Locally Elected Women in Africa (REFELA requested the support of the Mayor of Libreville to raise awareness among national associations of local authorities to set up national chapters of REFELA.  To date, 24 countries have REFELA national chapters.

The migration program and the African Capitals of Culture program were supported by the President. Libreville City Hall has been invited to sign the Charter of local and subnational governments of Africa on Migration.

President Nzué also gave assurances concerning the headquarters of UCLG Africa’s Central Africa regional office, which will be located in the city of Libreville.