UCLG Africa continues its support to the National Associations of Local Government in the framework of the negotiation of the 2021-2027 programming (NDICI) of the European Union Cooperation

During the months of February and March 2021, through general assemblies or board meetings, the national associations of local government in Africa proceeded to the validation of their roadmap to take part in the negotiations with the national government and the national delegation of the European Union within the framework of the 2021-2027 programming of the EU known as NDICI.

They held their national seminars with the technical support of UCLG Africa. This support started in May 2020 with the production of a compendium, an analytical report and a draft version of the roadmap. A total of 14 national roadmap validation seminars were held during the first quarter of 2021 for the following countries: Liberia, Tunisia, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Congo, Gambia, Central African Republic, Guinea, Libya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zambia, Cape Verde, Senegal. 

The meetings allowed the identification of the three priority areas of funding for the national associations that are in line with the five priorities of the European Union in their country. The five priorities of the European Union are: 1. the green economy; 2. digitalization; 3. employment and entrepreneurship; 4. migration; 5. Peace and security.

They must also choose the two priorities that align with those of the “Team Europe” initiative. The “Team Europe” initiative was launched by the European Union to support partner countries in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic and its consequences on 3 points:  1. Responding to the immediate health crisis and related humanitarian needs. This will include supporting World Health Organization and United Nations response plans and providing humanitarian assistance in affected countries; 2. Strengthening health, water, and sanitation systems, as well as partner country capacity and preparedness to deal with the pandemic; and 3. Mitigating the immediate social and economic consequences, including support to the private sector with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, and government reforms to reduce poverty.

Throughout the process, the national associations of local authorities have contacted and involved the European Union delegations in their countries, in particular through  the local consultants made available by UCLG Africa.

A total of 43 compendiums, 41 analytical reports, and 34 roadmaps were produced and made available to the national associations of local governments to enable them to carry out the negotiations and make the priorities of their people heard.

The funding made available in the new programming of the European Union Commission for the period (2021-2027) amounts to 32 billion euros. The “Team Europe” program amounts to more than 20 billion euros.


The documents produced per country are available via the table below: 


Pays Compendium Rapport analytique Feuille de route
1 Afrique du Sud Lien Lien Lien
2 Algérie x x x
3 Angola x x x
4 Bénin Lien Lien Lien
5 Botswana Lien Lien Lien
6 Burkina Faso Lien Lien Lien
7 Burundi Lien Lien Lien
8 Cameroun Lien Lien Lien
9 Cap-Vert Lien Lien Lien
10 République centrafricaine Lien Lien Lien
11 Comores Lien Lien x
12 République du Congo Lien Lien Lien
13 République démocratique du Congo Lien Lien x
14 Côte d’Ivoire Lien Lien Lien
15 Djibouti Lien Lien Lien
16 Égypte x x x
17 Érythrée x x x
18 Eswatini Lien Lien Lien
19 Éthiopie Lien Lien Lien
20 Gabon x x x
21 Gambie Lien Lien Lien
22 Ghana Lien Lien Lien
23 Guinée Lien Lien Lien
24 Guinée-Bissau x x x
25 Guinée équatoriale x x x
26 Kenya Lien Lien Lien
27 Lesotho Lien Lien Lien
28 Liberia Lien Lien x
29 Libye Lien Lien Lien
30 Madagascar Lien Lien Lien
31 Malawi Lien Lien Lien
32 Mali Lien Lien Lien
33 Maroc Lien x x
34 Maurice Lien x x
35 Mauritanie Lien Lien x
36 Mozambique Lien Lien Lien
37 Namibie Lien Lien Lien
38 Niger Lien Lien Lien
39 Nigeria Lien Lien Lien
40 Rwanda Lien Lien Lien
41 São Tomé-et-Principe x x x
42 Sénégal Lien Lien Lien
43 Seychelles Lien Lien Lien
44 Sierra Leone Lien Lien x
45 Somalie x x x
46 Soudan x x x
47 Soudan du Sud x x x
48 Tanzanie Lien Lien Lien
49 Tchad Lien Lien Lien
50 Togo Lien Lien x
51 Tunisie Lien Lien Lien
52 Ouganda Lien Lien Lien
53 Zambie Lien Lien Lien
54 Zimbabwe Lien Lien Lien
Total 54 43 41 34