The Didier Drogba Foundation and 01Talent Africa are committed in partnership with UCLG Africa to support the growth of the digital economy through the development of exceptional entrepreneurial skills


Partnership between the Didier Drogba Foundation and 01Talent Africa to identify, train and support new African digital talent

  • The Didier Drogba Foundation and 01Talent Africa signed in Abidjan, a strategic partnership to address the challenges of the digital transformation of the continent through an inclusive and sustainable approach to human capital development
  • The Didier Drogba Foundation reaffirms its mission to promote the fundamental right to education for all without distinction and more specifically for the most vulnerable populations (unemployed youth, women and girls, migrants, …)
  • 01Talent Africa, co-founded by Nicolas Sadirac and Deror Sultan, is committed to the identification, development and provision of professional support to more than 1 million digital talents in Africa through the establishment of inclusive business schools (“Zone01”) without any financial or academic barriers, true catalysts and accelerators of opportunities for youth and innovation.
  • Didier Drogba and his foundation become international ambassadors for 01Talent.
  • From autumn 2021, an ambitious pan-African campaign will be launched to identify and reveal the digital talents and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, driving the continental tech ecosystem.

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