Pre-EDD Event: The Presentation of the Transformation of Monrovia after Ebola

The UCLG Africa Secretary General, Mr. Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi, participated in the EDD in Brussels, Belgium, on 3 and 4 June 2015.

The EDD hosted nearly 5,000 participants around the theme “Our world, our dignity, our future”. The sessions organized in the framework of the EDD included:  human rights; citizenry; gender; inclusion; education; health; food; growth; jobs; trade; energy; climate; urbanization; financing.

The Secretary General moderated two sessions: on 3 June, on the topic: “Sustainable cities: good for the global North and not for the global South? » and on 4 June, on the topic: “Food security, resilience and structural change in West Africa”.

At a pre-EDD event organized on “the presentation of the transformation of Monrovia after Ebola”, by Honorable Mayor Clara Mvogo. The event was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Liberia and the Mayor of Dakar, Hon. Khalifa Sall, UCLG Africa President.

The Secretary General delivered the following opening remarks to the presentation.

Opening Remarks by Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi:

” Your Excellency, Honourable Nyenabo, Ambassador of the Republic of Liberia to Belgium and the European Union,

Clara Mvogo, Mayor of the City of Monrovia, Liberia

Khalifa Ababacar Sall, Mayor of Dakar, Senegal,

Dear Mr. Paul Dujardin, CEO of the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels,

Our esteemed Moderator, Mr. Dharmendra Kanani, Director of Policy at the European Foundation Centre,

Honourable Invitees,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me first to extend a big thanks to Mr. Paul Dujardin, our gracious host in this marvellous Centre of Fine Arts of Brussels.

It is my privilege and honour as the Chair of the Cities Alliance Management Board, to welcome you at this Bozarevening reception. Tonight we have the pleasure to listen to a presentation of the transformation of Monrovia after Ebola, by Mayor Clara Mvogo.

Allow me to briefly introduce the Cities Alliance, which relocated to Brussels in September 2013. The Cities Alliance was launched by President Nelson Mandela in 1999 as a global partnership dedicated to the fight against poverty and to the promotion of the role of Cities in sustainable development. In 15 years, the Cities Alliance has supported slum upgrading programmes, city development and national policies all over the world.

The Cities Alliance members share the view that well-run cities offer an enormous opportunity to achieve sustainable development. We also believe that decisions should be taken at the lowest effective level – this is well illustrated by the Stop Ebola campaign that was so effectively championed by the City of Monrovia under the leadership of Mayor Mvogo.

In response to the Mayor’s request, the Cities Alliance has decided to define and implement a long-term programme of support through the Monrovia City Program. This will be a partnership that we wish other Partners join, and assist the mayor in turning Monrovia from despair to hope, particularly for the Youth.

We are pleased to announce that this Monrovia City Program is already backed by a series of donors and partners alongside the government of Liberia. Among the donors, it is worth mentioning Comic Relief, DFID, and USAID. Partners supporting the program are for now: Slum Dwellers International, UN Habitat, and Habitat for Humanity International and UNICEF.

And the Government of Liberia is supporting the city through the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Land Commission, the National Housing Authority, the Monrovia City Corporation, and the Paynesville City Cooperation. Cities Alliance welcomes any other donor or partners to join this long-term engagement for the transformation of Monrovia as a sustainable City.

Thank you all for your participation and I hope you will enjoy this evening’s presentation.”

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