Join the UCLG Africa and ALGA Lab Debate during the EDD 2019 in Brussels, June 18.

The European Development Days (EDD) 2019 will be held from June 18 – 19, in Brussels. This year’s EDD is entitled, “Addressing inequalities: building a world which leaves no one behind.”

Organized by the European Commission, the EDD is a participatory program that brings the development community together annually to share ideas and experiences that inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

UCLG Africa will be actively participating in the event and can be located at Stand 47 in the Global Village City Hall.  Stand 47 will be a special place dedicated to local authorities, represented by five major associations of local and regional governments active in development cooperation: AIMF, CLGF, PLATFORMA (CEMR), UCLG and UCLG Africa.

These associations signed a Framework Partnership Agreement with the European Commission in 2015. Through this partnership, the EU recognized the role of towns and regions as policy and decision-makers in addressing global challenges and in implementing shared global agendas at local level. Together, the five networks of local and regional governments address inequalities as a transversal dimension of sustainable development, local governance and economic growth.

To represent the voices of the African continent, UCLG Africa will organize a Lab Debate around the theme: “Addressing inequalities and building a local Africa, leaving no one behind.” The Lab Debate will be an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas that pave a way in the creation of an “enabling environment” for local and regional governments in Africa to redress inequalities and to move towards a positive, inclusive, sustainable and resilient transformation that leaves no one behind.

The keys objectives of the Lab Debate are to:

  • Create a consensus around the causes of inequalities in Africa, particularly at local levels, which cannot be redressed or reduced without the responsible, strong and effective involvement of regional and local authorities;
  • Shape the role and responsibilities of the regional and local authorities, besides other actors and stakeholders, in facing and reducing territorial inequalities;
  • Agree on the main pillars of an enabling environment that leaves no one behind;
  • Build bridges for “win-win” partnerships to empower regional and local authorities.

Don’t miss this great moment of exchange. Join us on Tuesday, June 18, in Room D4  (10:00am to 11:15am).


Discover the key speakers here.