Information & Knowledge: UCLG Africa’s Project Inception & Call for Expression of Interest to Conduct Study

UCLG-Africa is implementing a project to establish Information and Knowledge Resource Centres in each Africa region that will service local governments in the respective regions, taking into account the regional, national, and local peculiarities, and contributing to the building of a strong learning network at local governments’level in each region.

These centres will also serve as a ‘clearing house’ for the identification of contextual development tools and technical services needs to help the national associations and individual local governments to formalize their needs for assistance and partnerships.

The project seeks to define the scope and specific functions and ‘modus operandi’ of the Regional Information and Knowledge Resource Centres also taking cognizance of regional contexts and aspirations of the clientele.

The output of the project is the establishment of at least 3 Regional Resource Centres in Pretoria for Southern Africa; Arusha for East Africa Region; and Accra for the West Africa Region.

In this perspective, UCLG Africa is recruiting qualified consultants in knowledge management, especially in the public sector and with local government sector experience in order to deliver this project.

All the needed information about the project and the necessary details for applying and sending the application are available herePlease, read this document carefully and send the application before 10 February 2017.