Fifth UCLG Africa Regional Seminar-Central Africa, Brazzaville, Congo

The fifth and last UCLG Africa regional seminar for Central Africa was held from Thursday 29 to Saturday 31 October 2015 at “Ledger Plaza Maya Maya” Hotel in Brazzaville, Congo. 


Seven of the nine countries of the UCLG-A Central Africa Region met on the theme: “The contribution of Local Governments to the Unity of Africa.” They were represented by the presidents of the national associations of mayors and their permanents secretaries, and the major cities in the countries that have no local government associations.

The deliberations were chaired by Mr. Hugues Ngouelondele, Vice President of Central Africa Region, Deputy –Mayor of the City of Brazzaville and moderated by Mr. Souleymane Maiga, Office Director and Chief of Staff UCLG-A, MrFrançois Yatta, Director of Programmes UCLG-A and Mr. Charles Patsika, Director of Networks Coordination and External Relations and Membership Drive of UCGL-A.

Many important issues were addressed during this last regional seminar namely, the signing and ratification process of the African Charter on the Values ​​and Principles of Decentralization, Local Governance and Development and the participation of the Central Africa members in UCLG Africa commissions and network. The seminar tackled also the issue of mobilizing the members for the upcoming Africities Summit in Johannesburg (29 November to 3 December 2015). 

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