Cities Alliance Exco Meeting

The UCLG Africa Secretary General participated in the meeting of the executive committee and of the Consultative Group of the Cities Alliance in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 5 to 7 November 2014.


The Cities Alliance Consultative Group (CG) amended and adopted the new charter of the Alliance to take it to another level. The revised charter opens up the Alliance membership to six (6) types of stakeholders: (i) National governments; (ii) Inter-governmental and Multi-lateral Institutions and International or Regional Financial Institutions and Development Banks; (iii) Associations of Local Governments; (iv) Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organisations; (v) Private Sector and Foundations; and (vi) Universities, Research Centres and Knowledge Networks.

The revised charter also defines the three new governance structures that are: a) the Assembly; b) the Management Board (The Board); and the Secretariat, as well as their roles and functions. The charter provides also for the nomination of senior advisors by the assembly.

The CG also approved the setting up of an interim management board that will manage the Alliance between now and the entry in force of the new structures to be put in place following the provisions of the revised Cities Alliance charter.

The CG also adopted the 2015 work plan and budget of the Cities Alliance, the Performance Indicators Monitoring Systems (PIMS), and the update Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

The CG finally discussed the results of the Joint Work Programmes, and also endorsed the Medium Term Strategy for 2014-2016, and CG received the presentation of Ethiopia Country Programme