Call for Expression of Interest – UCLG-Africa Pan African Peer Review Programme

United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG-Africa) Pan African Peer Review Programme is a service to African sub-national governments and their associations aimed at enhancing African unity and mutual learning to improve governance, especially to promote citizen responsiveness, transparency and integrity, as well facilitating technical exchange learning among African peers.
The programme is based on peer reviewing as a learning tool to support the capacity development of local governments in Africa. The programme is now in its second implementation phase following the successful completion of pilots that targeted local governments as well as national associations. Five entities were selected, one in each region of Africa, to participate in pilot peer reviewing phase of the project. During the pilot phase, peer team members were drawn from African and English local governments and together carried out peer reviews.

Programme Rationale and Benefits

Peer Review (PR) is a process in which a local government peer from one local authority assesses another against an agreed standard of behaviour and/or performance. Peers are equal partners and, thus, operate as ‘critical friends’. It is a systematic examination and assessment of the performance on a local government by other local government practitioners with the ultimate goal of helping the reviewed local government improve its policy making, adopt best practices, and comply with established standards and principles. The examination is conducted on a non-adversarial basis and relies heavily on mutual trust among local governments involved in the review, as well as their shared confidence in the process. PR is not an inspection, it is rather a supportive process undertaken.

Deadline to submission: 31 August 2018, / Date for the Beginning of the programme: January 2019 Read more here