Call for applications for the recruitment of a Consultant for the drafting of the “Charter of local authorities for gender equality in Africa”. (Deadline April 30, 2021)

The project to create a “Local Authorities Charter for Gender Equality in Africa” is part of the implementation of the “Africa-Europe Marrakesh Pact for Local Equality” which aims to strengthen cooperation between United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), UCLG Africa and its Network of local elected women of Africa (REFELA) and the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and the PLATFORMA network to advance equality of women and men in local life in Africa. The “Pact” was adopted during the 8th Africities Summit that took place in Marrakesh, November 2018.

Since then, REFELA-CGLU Africa, CEMR/PLATFORMA and UCLG have been workingtogether to draw up the approach for the implementation of this Pact, the main expected product of which is the drafting of the Charter, according to a participatory and consultative approach. And to give concrete expression to this approach, two provisions have been adopted:

· 2 mechanisms have been set up (1) the Africa-Europe Support Committee, composed of mayors, local elected representatives and experts from Africa and Europe, and (2) the REFELA-UCLG Africa Working Group, composed of the Secretary General and the Directors of the departments of UCLG Africa.

· An online consultation was conducted by REFELA-UCLG Africa, which was open from July to September 2019. This call had 2 objectives:

– to associate and involve a wide public in the drafting of the Charter;

– to collect the expectations, opinions and proposals of the public on how to write and adopt the Charter.


The main objectives of the mission are to:

• Develop and draft the Charter text, from the first draft to the final text which will be adopted by African local authorities;
• Organise consultation workshops with local elected officials, civil society experts and
partners to collect opinions and suggestions on the drafts produced, informing and leading to the final product of the Charter;
• Provide African local authorities with a legal, political and technical framework document for the promotion of gender equality, adapted to their context and scale of
action and competences.

See the terms of reference here