Thérèse Faye Diouf: An active young woman 

First woman at the head of the municipality of Diarrère in the region of Fatick (Senegal) since 2014, Thérèse Faye Diouf is a young mayor who does not leave indifferent the populations of his locality. 

18 September 2021, was an opportunity for the mayor to share with the youth of his town around the sport, the ultimate unifying element for young people.  It was during the inauguration of the municipal stadium. It was a moment of community effervescence. 

The municipal council of Diarrère focuses its interventions primarily on the youth who constitute the majority of the 3500 souls of this commune. Thus, the town council in partnership with the Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Travaux Publics (CFPTP) and the Fonds d’Entretien Routier Autonome (FERA), proceeded on 16 and 17 August 16 2021, to the recruitment and training of 40 young people in the maintenance of rural roads, including 38 laborers and two (2) supervisors. A community radio was also launched in September 2021 (Diarrere FM). 

On the international scene, Ms. Thérèse Faye Diouf, does not fail to carry the voice of young elected officials, particularly in her capacity as vice-president of the Network of Young Locally Elected Officials of Africa (YELO) of UCLG Africa.  “We need a paradigm shift to meet the aspirations of young people. In Senegal there are about thirty young people running municipalities. Youth must be involved at the level of local and regional governments because they can make things happen. It is necessary to promote youth councils in localities, youth clubs in schools and universities. These are platforms that prepare young people to be leaders,” pleads the mayor.   

Bio Express 

Originally from Diarrère (Fatick region), Thérèse Faye Diouf holds a Master II in Sociology from Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD). She worked as an agent at the National Assembly. She has   responsibilities since the early days with the Movement of Students and Republican Students (Meer) of which she was the national coordinator. In April 2012, Thérèse Faye Diouf was appointed to head the National Agency for Early Childhood and the Case des Tout- Petits (ANPECTP) to ensure a better policy for early childhood care. In November 2020, she was appointed General Administrator of the Guarantee Fund for Priority Investments (FONGIP). 


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